Bird and Rodent Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of bird and rodent control device(s) does CHC use?

CHC uses the latest available technology and product lines to ensure complete exclusions.  We select devices that are made with quality materials that are best suited for each unique environment.  CHC focuses on using USA made, locally sourced materials whenever possible and we only install what is necessary, saving clients' money and time. 

What methods does CHC utilize to help prevent recurring bird and rodent infestation problems?

Primarily CHC conducts a through site visit and designs a unique infestation prevention plan.  Once developed, CHC's trained team properly installs the devices after any necessary remediation and decontamination is complete.  All waste is removed properly sealed and removed offsite regularly. 

Can my home or building be occupied during remediation?

Certainly!  CHC designs remediation and installation plans around your schedules to limit the impact on you and other building occupants.  CHC takes pride in going above and beyond to not only protect our employees but also our clients.  This means you can feel safe during any stage of the project when CHC is involved. 

What are the health concerns associated with Bird and Rodent Infestation?

Bird infestations and bird droppings as well as droppings from rodents and insects, can contribute to diseases including histoplasmosis, salmonella, legionella pueumophilla, and other lung diseases or conditions including, asthma attacks, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) and allergic reactions. The formation of toxic molds can be magnified due to the added debris associated with nests and droppings, especially if the commercial building has some sort of defect allowing moisture to enter.

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