Having Colorado Hazard Control install a radon reduction system is the only way to achieve long term low radon levels. CHC's radon mitigation system is the result of extensive training and years of experience, resulting in a total compliant and comprehensive approach to improving your indoor air quality. Your radon mitigation system is guaranteed to lower radon gas levels below 4pCi/L.

Colorado Hazard Control's trained and certified experts will correctly install a radon system to protect you and your family from harmful radon gas, and a third party will then evaluate the indoor environment to ensure it is functioning properly.

Reduced radon gas level is a sign of a healthy home

Why You Should Hire Colorado Hazard Control To Install a Radon Mitigation System:

  • Residential Removal
  • Commercial Removal
  • Industrial Removal
  • Compliant with State and federal regulations
  • Licensed and insured
  • Highly-trained professionals
  • Free Consultations
  • Flexible appointments based on your schedule
  • Family owned and operated
Spicey Mike of Pueblo City Schools says...

"Colorado Hazard Control was selected to complete the work because they are reliable and always perform clean work."

Corey Chyr of Red Peak Properties had this to say...

"CHC has been used many times because of their competitive pricing and quick responsiveness"

William Quintanilla of City of Arvada says...

"Work was completed on time, I would recommend CHC!"


Radon gas is colorless, odorless and deadly. So how do you know your radon system is actually working? Every company will claim their system works, but the image below of an improperly installed system shows it was leaking dangerous radon gas back into the home through an operable window, putting the entire family at risk.

How will you avoid structural damage to your home?

A faulty radon system can cause leaks and other potential hazards that may lead to thousands of dollars in damage to the structure of your home. The image below is a good example of what does not meet the radon mitigation standards set by the EPA. The water leaks from this system can also result in mold contaminations producing potent toxins or irritants requiring additional costly remediation.

Your health, and the health of your loved ones matters. Many areas in Colorado have high radon occurrences exceeding Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) recommended levels. A home with a high quality, energy efficient radon mitigation system that prevents harmful radon gas is a sign of a healthy home. Let the certified professionals at Colorado Hazard Control install your Pueblo or Denver radon mitigation system safely and without a hassle.

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