Colorado Hazard Control has extensive experience in testing for lead, developing comprehensive abatement plans, and performing the removal work. Businesses and homeowners turn to CHC when they need efficient and effective lead abatement services.

Safe and Effective Lead Abatement

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Cheryl A. Turcotte of the Environmental Protection Agency says...

"Colorado Hazard Control is prominent for its broad experience and expertise in asbestos and lead paint remediation and training… Our inspection showed you are modeling high standards with exemplary recordkeeping and other conversations out in the community have revealed Colorado Hazard Control's positive influence."

Fred Voseipka of RLH Engineering, Inc. had this to say...

"We are very pleased with the way the Northern Colorado Medical Center project was bid, designed and completed on time. The crew was excellent and Brian Ross did a good job managing the work!"

Rachael Sisneros of the University of Wyoming says...

"I just wanted to write you a quick email to let you know how great Chris Lehman is to work with and he is always professional and always gets the job done. I truly appreciate the great work CHC does on the University of Wyoming campus and I think this can be attributed to Chris' great management and leadership style. I hope we can continue to work together into the future."


In the past, lead was added to paint to retard deterioration, improve durability, and enhance quality. Unfortunately, exposure to lead can cause a wide variety of health issues including developmental problems in children and damage to the kidneys and brain in adults.

Consequently, the disturbance of lead-containing coatings is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and many state agencies. The presence of lead in coatings is also controlled by the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in target housing.

The mere presence of lead in coatings generally is not a problem. Health risks arise when lead-coated surfaces are allowed to deteriorate over time or are drilled, sanded, or heated during renovations. The dust produced by those activities can become airborne and get inhaled or swallowed, causing serious health issues. And, unfortunately, lead-laden dust remains in a work area indefinitely. If it isn’t taken care of properly and fully, it can pose a health risk years or even decades later.

Lead Exposure Risks Are Highest in Children

Lead exposure poses a greater risk to children and babies for a few reasons. One is that they’re more inclined to put their hands and other objects in their mouths. If those items have lead dust on them, that material is then ingested. In addition, children’s growing bodies absorb more lead, and their still-developing brains and nervous systems are more easily damaged by lead exposure.

Lead Abatement and Comprehensive Environmental Solutions

Colorado Hazard Control team members are fully trained and certified in safe and effective lead abatement procedures. They also have training and expertise in identifying other environmental hazards like asbestos and mold. Consequently, you can be sure that your lead abatement project will eliminate that risk from your home or business without creating others.

Lead Testing Services

Our turnkey lead abatement services include performing lead testing on behalf of our clients if it is required before a demolition or remediation project can begin. This not only helps clients save time, it ensures that they will have accurate test results for use in project planning. We can perform testing and then provide definitive results in a matter of hours.

If you want to know more about lead abatement, many common questions are answered on our FAQ page. Or, contact Colorado Hazard Control at your convenience and we’re happy to talk with you about your needs and how our services can meet them.