Biohazard Frequently Asked Questions

A crisis has happened. What should my next steps be?

Avoid exposure to the area. Call a cleaning professional you trust, such as Colorado Hazard Control who can arrive quickly and perform the cleaning task with exceptional attention to detail.

Why is it important to hire professionals to perform the cleaning?

Not everyone is professionally trained to clean up biohazard sites properly. Not calling a professional could put you and your family at risk for long-term, continuous exposure to blood-borne pathogens and other dangerous substances.

How quickly can you get here?

We have 24-hour, round-the-clock response teams ready to help. Our typical response time is 1-2 hours depending on the location.

Why is it important to hire a company that is trained to handle multiple hazards at the same time?

Sometimes unexpected situations arise. Our teams are fully prepared to deal with and clean up an array of hazardous materials—from asbestos to most types of biohazards. It is very common for multiple hazards to be present and it can cause delays in the clean up process if the company hired is not certified to provide a comprehensive solution like Colorado Hazard Control is.

What will happen once you arrive? What will it look like when the work is completed?

When we arrive onsite our assigned project supervisor will introduce themselves and provide an in-person overview of the work to take place. In many cases our containment requirements can be extensive so we will ensure the proper care is taken to lessen the impact on occupants. After the work is completed, the space will be significantly cleaner than when we arrived and the identified hazard will be removed. We utilize a “top-to-bottom” cleaning method to ensure completeness. Our professionally trained team will get to work right away, and when they leave, the area in question will be better than before the crisis.

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